Portrait of Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts
Software Engineer & Photographer


Every day, science fiction becomes a little less fiction. Headlines constantly highlight amazing technologies and the companies behind them, but rarely the people who made these feats possible. We sometimes forget that innovation comes from teams of real people, yet it is the collaboration of these great minds that enable us to achieve the impossible. Building the right team is the first step in making a difference in the world.


Software and web development has always been an obsession of mine however growing up I often found it difficult to locate avenues to get involved and find peers who shared such a niche interest. For this reason, I felt discouraged from initially pursuing computer science in college opting instead for information systems. As intriguing as business was, the urge to delve deeper into advanced programming concepts led me to face the steep entry requirements for a computer science major.


It’s not just a website, it’s an application. With the inception of next-generation web technologies, I believe the future of software will no longer be bound by platforms. As a full stack software developer, I seek out a wide range of technologies in an aim to develop powerful and scalable applications and services for the web. I believe technologies such as WebAssembly and Deno will challenge existing practices by making highly optimized software more dynamic and portable.

Project: Personal Portfolio

Brave web developers need no more than a sketch pad and an IDE. Behold the latest edition of my personal portfolio featuring a carefully crafted design, efficient content loading practices, and detailed site traffic analytics. The Fibonacci Sequence is incorporated into every aspect of the site’s visual design to create a UI that is both attractive and digestible while content optimizations and lazy image loading provide a responsive experience for visitors.

Project: Private Messaging

Completed in 2014 and written in PHP, this was one of the earliest web-development projects I had undertaken. Intended for those who do not trust data-selling companies with their private conversations this platform was designed to be a small-scale, privately hosted messaging platform to keep your messages out of corporate databases and behavior algorithms.

Messenger Live Demo

Project: Roomate Portal

A simple webapp for roommates to record, track, and reconcile general expenses and chores. When completed, this platform will allow users to form groups with their roommates and input expenses such as grocery purchases or log chores that have an agreed upon monetary value. Then calculates each member’s financial compensation to evenly distribute expenses.

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My Commitment

As a developer I aim to be a key team participant in the creation of tools that shape the future of innovation. I view learning as a lifelong process accomplished through some success and countless failures. For this reason, I see every project as an opportunity to learn new technologies and practices to enhance what I can provide to you and the world.


Behind every photograph is a story. A story that isn’t bound by vocabulary or limited by language. A story that resonates uniquely among every viewer yet achieves a similar emotion. Such a story worth telling is not driven by the features of a camera but rather meticulously crafted into every detail by the artist who captured it. Your story is worth sharing. Together we will compose the photographs to tell it.

My Focus

After years of experimentation in the vast field of photography I have fallen in love with the art of portraiture. It stands out to me through its seemingly unmatched ability to convey emotion to the viewer. Portraiture enables the artist to gain control over every aspect of the final piece. Every shadow and every highlight cast precisely to tell a story.

My Commitment

As a photographer I aim to preserve the priceless moments that matter most to you. Every moment is unique, as so your shoot will be too. From the click of the shutter to the final product, every step of my workflow is uniquely tailored to your vision.

Graduation Photoshoots

What feels like the end is only just the beginning of who you have yet to become. Dedicate an evening of celebration to the crescendo of your academic journey with those who impacted you most to capture and preserve the excitement of graduation.